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Blogs on diverse topics related to financial services, which can be accessed via clicking on the links to the Medium platform provided here.

PayPal vs. Block: Jan 2024

How are PayPal and Block similar, how are they different. Read via attached link.

Paying Customer

Fintech themes from Q2-2023 earnings: Sep 2023

This post distills broad themes emerging from the Q2–2023 earnings calls of listed fintechs. Read via attached link.

Digital wallet on phone

Stablecoins and PayPal: Aug 2023

This post discusses the significance of PayPal's stablecoin launch. Read via attached link.

Data Processing

Crypto vs. SEC: July 2023

This series consists of four short posts, each of which presents a taxonomy of crypto assets tailored to the four Howey Tests. Read via attached link.

Book of Laws

DeFi and everyday banking: May 2023

In this post, I distill 8 design elements of DeFi apps that I liked and expect to be eventually incorporated in the delivery of everyday banking products. Read via attached link.

Computer Chip

Blockchain and the retail investor: Apr 2023

This blog explores how centralized entities can use blockchain technology to deliver improved outcomes to retail investors . Read via attached link.

Stock Trading Graph

Payments and the blockchain: Mar 2023

This blog explores how blockchain technology could impact payments, assuming that the currency remains fiat money. Read via attached link.

Counting Money

Financial services via blockchain: Feb 2023

This blog summarizes the impact of delivering regulated consumer financial services via blockchain technology. Read via attached link.

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