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welcome to condisco academy

Condisco in Latin means 'to learn thoroughly'. The goal of this site is to be a resource for operations & technology (O&T) professionals within the financial services industry. Since jobs today are very narrowly defined, it is possible to get the job done by focusing on the how without an understanding of the why or the so what. But if you wish to show thought leadership in your work, the training material on this site will help you build the core domain expertise on which you can layer your creativity.

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My Story

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. I am Anupam.You can learn more about me by clicking on the LinkedIn icon above.


In 2022 I returned to India after working for two decades in the US , both on the bank side and the consulting side.  During this time, I worked  with banks in three major geographies (North America, Europe and Australia) and across all three domains (credit, transaction banking and capital markets).

A common challenge I observed was that most  operations & technology (O&T) professionals were responding to the stated ask of the front-office instead of addressing the underlying need. The reason for the disconnect was that they often did not understand the business or the product. Hence, they could not draw out the real problem statement from the front-office. A business was lucky if they had a super-star product manager.


After I quit my job, I decided to build this e-learning platform as a labor of love. My goal is to enhance the effectiveness of O&T professionals within banking by providing information in an accessible form.

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